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Archive | July 15, 2015

Home Business Strategy – The Early Bird Gets the Worm

They say the best time to retain information is early in the morning. This may seem obvious to some because that is when you have the most energy. This is a good thing to keep in mind if it is possible for you to take care of your home business tasks first thing in the morning. Give it your all consistently and you likely will have a winner.

the early bird

What advantage does the early bird have on the later birds? They are there first. Obviously resources are finite, not just where energy is concerned but also in competing for the top spot. It should be noted however that they say that it is not the first time someone sees an ad that they respond. It is closer to the 5th or 6th time that they may take action to get further information.

With such strategies as blogging to promote a home business, each time you post unique content, the search engine robots will crawl and re-index your site. Whenever they see you are engaged in your business, then they re-index, which moves your links up to a higher position in the search results. They do visit periodically and if they do not see anything unique they will just leave your site without doing anything to help you.

What happens here is like a stack of paper. Your site is in the index at a certain level and every site that posts after you will be ‘on top’ of your link in the stack. We are talking millions and millions of websites that may be posting fresh content every day. So that is why you want to post something so that your link will again go to the top of the pile. That is why daily posting is best – but if you can’t do that then at least weekly. Bare minimum to stay relevant at all is monthly. Better than nothing.

Search engine traffic in this regard is related to your keywords and the traffic is considered ‘targeted’ because they will send you free, organic traffic based on your site’s content (keywords). This is not regular, ‘random’ traffic that has a low ratio of conversion. Random traffic is just the equivalent of ‘window shoppers’ at best. So you really want to strive to get the right kind of traffic that will contribute to your bottom line (sales and capturing prospects that you can follow-up with via email).

The bottom line is not to treat your business like an after-thought – as in if you have nothing else to do. Even if you have only a few minutes to spare in your day, do something productive – post to your blog, submit an ad or a link somewhere, read something that will increase your knowledge in your field, post to a social network or forum, write an article. “Just Do It”.

Spring Leadership Challenge Winners


Spring Leadership Challenge Winners

Leadership Challenge Logo

We are pleased to announce the names of the 240 SFI affiliates who qualified for our 2015 Spring Leadership Challenge contest–which ended June 30, 2015: peruse all Level 1 though Level 5 winners HERE.

We tip our hats to all our Leadership Challenge winners for their accomplishments! CONGRATULATIONS!

We’d also like to especially recognize the following 27 affiliates who qualified for Level 5:

  • Ben Roos
  • Brian Futureco
  • Cynthia Minnaar
  • Eira Ferneyhough
  • Fabrizio Perotti
  • Gerda Rusteberg
  • Ghulam Hussain
  • Giuseppe Francavilla
  • Halinah Kaya
  • Ion Duff
  • John Gilmore
  • Johnny Tan
  • Joseph Elisha Wako
  • Joseph Morni
  • Malik Pervaiz Akhtar
  • Maree Wells
  • Muhammad Azam Khan
  • Olivera Fancikic
  • Oprea Dragut
  • Palash Das
  • Prince Boro
  • Ryan Oakley
  • Saša Jovanović
  • Stone Evans
  • Tahmina BiBi
  • Tawafadza Makoni

Great job! We at SFI thank you all for your fantastic leadership within the SFI community.  YOU ROCK!

NOTE: The new 2015 Summer Leadership Challenge is now running!  Learn more:Summer Leadership Challenge

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