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Archive | September, 2015

How to Turn Your Hobby or Vocation Into a Profitable Business Online

Did you ever hear that people do best what they like to do the most? It is really true, and it probably has to do with doing something that makes you happy, as well as the gratification from doing something well. Certainly in creating and developing an online home business this is your chance to have it all!


Working from home online in itself will tend to make you happy, particularly if you have had a long and not so satisfying career working at ‘jobs’. There is something to be said for doing something because you want to rather than that you have to, that surely contributes to the overall feeling of well-being.

When starting out to plan your business, you may not really even know what it is you could do to earn money online. We will explore some possibilities at least so that you can have a few examples and you can ‘shrink to fit’ or whatever to make it work for you. A few different hobbies could be developed into good businesses.

For example say you like to play golf – You could start a blog just discussing golf – tournaments, scores of the latest matches, biographical information about the golf pros. As a service and as a way to attract traffic to your blog, you could even post schedules of local, state and/or national matches and tournaments. Are you saying, swell, fun – but how would that make any money?

To monetize the site you could look into becoming a distributor of golf equipment and supplies – golf clubs, bags, shoes, hats, accessories, etc. You wouldn’t have to buy the inventory if you found wholesalers who would more than likely be willing to drop-ship for you – so you name your price, factoring in your profit of course, and create an online order form – or use a trusted, secure payment option like a free account with where they also have the payment buttons and graphics you can use.

Actually for this scenario an even simpler way would be to become a free affiliate and then you could advertise their golf equipment etc. and they would pay your commissions – Again Amazon is trusted and secure so it is not like just anybody saying send me the money and I promise to send you the clubs, or etc. You could apply this idea to any sport – baseball, tennis, soccer, fishing, etc.

Not into sports? How about crafts? Like baking? If you have a recipe that people rave about for example for brownies or chocolate chip cookies or candy, you could start making them as you get orders. This is a little more involved because you have to consider packing and shipping it and having it ideally arrive in one piece! You could create gift baskets for holiday gifts that include for example a batch of your cookies, a nice festive coffee mug and a bag of gourmet coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Then you just create a blog website and take pictures of your baked goods and the baskets all done up, include a ‘buy now’ button and order form.

There are various ways to promote/advertise your site online so that when people search for ‘gifts’ or ‘home made baked goods’ they will find your link. Again, a blog lends itself to this scenario really well – you could publish various recipes (except you probably don’t want to publish the ones you will use for your service) – you could have interesting discussions about challenges to baking and some remedies, etc., and tips on entertaining for the holidays, etc. There are loads of things people would love that you could probably make – jams and jellies, breads, cakes, and maybe you could expand into these areas slowly after you see how it goes with the original idea.

Again – if you don’t like to bake or cook, you could apply these same principles to anything – stained glass gifts, candle making, soap making – and sell baskets with little sets of things. Whatever you decide, make it fun, make it profitable and most of all share your blessings (talents) with others! An extra perk for them is they can shop online from the comfort of home – no traffic jams, parking problems or mob scenes at the mall and/or post office! Enjoy!

How to Avoid Magical Thinking When Starting a Business Online

The main problems with magical thinking all seem to be related. The cycle goes something like this: It starts with not being realistic or logical in our thinking as far as what we can reasonably expect. There are not many places you can go from there, other than to become disillusioned when it doesn’t happen. The result is usually quitting before giving it a fair chance when we don’t see instant results. While it is true a lot of the Internet marketing ‘hype’ may make it seem like there is no work involved in succeeding, you have to ‘read between the lines’ if you are thinking logically: Of course money will not pour out of your computer starting tomorrow if you just buy this gimmick or join that program.

magical thinking

Are the marketers lying? Actually no, because people have made money on the Internet and if they have experience and a ‘list’ it IS very possible that someone could make money right away. What they are saying is it is possible. However you must consider that just because someone else has done it in X number of days, that does not guarantee you will also; and by the same token just because the majority fail, that does not mean you will also fail.

The thing is that you have to be willing to learn and to work. You have to be willing to give it time – many people are in such a hurry that they refuse to do anything that is necessary once they find out they will not become wealthy instantly by osmosis. These are the ones that do not think realistically. They want to believe in a fairy tale or fantasy. Even if you say that the fairy tale is actually quite possible if they are willing to invest their time and effort, they are not interested anymore. They wanted so to believe they could get ‘something for nothing’ that their dreams are just dashed; So they quit without even trying.

In this same vein are people who want everything for free – in many cases they really don’t have any money – even a little bit to start a business online. In fact they are in crisis mode and actually what they need is a job. They need money to survive, and where they will be paid directly for their efforts. The best thing in this situation is for them to get a job and work on starting a business in their spare time if they really want to do that. Reality = must survive while building.

There is a whole mentality though that is associated with ‘freebie seekers’. They are unwilling to invest in themselves even when they are able. Again, these people are not being realistic. It’s true it makes no sense to have to pay money for a ‘job’. However to create your own business by affiliating yourself with a program that will provide resources, products and services where you can earn commissions, is a different story. This same group believe that they can approach an online business for ‘credit’ – ‘You don’t know me from Adam, but if you pay my way, I promise to pay you back when I make money’. What store or business is there where you can make this kind of arrangement? There isn’t one. Not in real life.

So if you are really serious about realizing your dream of starting your own business, be realistic. Look at the big picture. “Success is always spelled w-o-r-k”, and Work + Time = Results.

Why You Should Try to Earn Extra Money Online With a Home Business

There is nothing more apparent in recent years than the fact that the cost of living is rising, while at the same time, income is stagnant and even shrinking or disappearing. This should be a concern to everyone whether it is salaries or investments for retirement.

be prepared

We do not control the economy as much as we would like to believe we do as consumers and stockholders. The sad truth is that many people who have wisely invested their money over the years to build a ‘nest egg’ have seen that disappear, sometimes entirely. Real property has been lost right along with their cash investments.

There is no longer the security of knowing you will have a job as long as you do your best to keep it. Due to corporate ‘downsizing’, ‘workforce reduction’, ‘outsourcing’ and bankruptcies, there is good reason to prepare for the time when you could be suddenly unemployed. If you were planning to retire you could instead be looking for part-time work to make ends meet.

You have no doubt heard the expression ‘you can’t get blood out of a turnip’? Well in this context, a fixed income (social security, pensions, etc.) are worth exactly the same amount, but every other cost has risen exponentially. Rent, utilities, food, medical insurance and other necessities are skyrocketing. It means that the dollar you had is worth about 25 cents in the real world today.

So it makes a lot of sense that you should be using your ‘spare’ time to build something extra that you can depend on to supplement your income. There is always a chance that you won’t ever need it and at the ‘end of the day’ you can spend it for a vacation or to make a down payment on a new car or other luxury. Either way it just makes sense to do something extra to ‘feather your nest’.

While it is still important for your mental and physical health to relax and enjoy yourself on a regular basis, it would be wise to spend some of your time learning something or developing something that will be both fun and empowering, like to start a business from the comfort of home. The easiest and most economical way to do this is online.

The Internet solves many logistical considerations. Maybe you think the most direct and economical way is to just get a second job. It is not an easy life to leave one job and rush to the next job, often with no other break time in between. If you have ever had to do this routine, you will realize how much stress and unpaid time you spend commuting to and from home and job to job. This scenario could not be recommended other than for extreme, very temporary dire straits.

When you work at home you can still at least spend some quality time having dinner with your family between arriving home from your job and starting your work online. The atmosphere in your home is at least more welcoming and comfortable than a second job. You could actually rest a little. Even as much as a 15 minute ‘cat nap’ would do wonders for your efficiency if you could afford that much luxury for yourself – and you should.

So it is a good idea to think in terms of ‘what if’ and be prepared for all eventualities, while you hope and pray that they never come. Don’t worry, which does nothing to help; just focus on building a ‘fortress’ to protect yourself should the possibility of losing your income ever arise.

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