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Archive | September, 2015

Internet Marketing Strategy – The Problem with Done-For-You Techniques

The problem with having services done for us is if we think that is all there is to it. Folks want to believe they can just kick back and wait for traffic and sales. You should never wait or rely on any one thing. Unless ‘done-for-you’ guarantees actual paying customers; not free affiliates who may or may not ever upgrade; not traffic or visitors that may or may not do anything but leave tracks; not leads or prospects who sometimes have no idea how you got their information and are not interested.

Are you watching?

All of the latter are definitely still possibilities and as such have some value; and definitely if you can afford a service that will help you with any of those resources, go for it. The problem is only when we believe we ‘got it covered’ and we don’t do anything else to promote our business. We rely on the service and it is maybe a form of denial that we want to believe we don’t have to do any work.

While it is true if you have money to invest in having services performed on your behalf, you would do less work, but you still need to be engaged in your business and doing everything you can to advertise and market your business.

There are actually things that have value in that respect that are free. They require more work than having services done for you, so if you have even more money to invest by all means have those things done for you also. They won’t be considered ‘free’ if you do this but the point is that everything possible is being done to develop business.

Unfortunately in the beginning we may just be naive. As such we don’t even know how to check if what we are paying for is even being done, let alone if it is having any result. Again a ‘result’ in Internet marketing is not necessarily a sale where there is tangible proof (money) that the service is working, although of course this is the ultimate goal. However as defined above, traffic, visitors, prospects, or any response short of a direct sale is still a positive result because it may become more eventually.

People really need to understand both that nothing will ever happen if we do nothing but wait and ‘imagine’, and that there are never any guarantees when it comes to advertising and marketing. In fact there are no guarantees of anything. Will your job still be there a week from now? You never know. Maybe it is likely, but there are no absolute guarantees. Not even a guarantee we will wake up tomorrow. So we need to make the most of everything that we have to work with at all times. If you do wake up, get to work! Make the most of it!

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