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Archive | February 12, 2016

You Can Start a Home Business Without Much Money

The Internet is easily accessible to everyone and actually much of it is completely free. Therefore it makes it much easier than you might imagine to start a home business with very little money. Actually anyone with a computer and Internet connection right there has the foundation for many businesses that could become profitable with a little determination.

a little money is all you need

Some people may already have a potential idea and the skills or expertise to bring it. The vast majority of us do not. We may have ‘big ideas’ but most are ‘pipe dreams’ that are not feasible unless we already had money and considerable technical skill to develop something on our own. That should in no way deter us from seeing what we CAN DO.

So assuming you are like the majority and have only a desire to create a home business either part-time or full-time, there are many ideas you can find and develop online. If you have just basic computer skills that you may have acquired in your career or even by trial and error on your own, you really do have the building blocks to start something online that can earn you some money in the future.

You may need to begin with a ‘starter’ program just so that you can get your bearings and find out what you need to do to promote a business online. Any business needs to be promoted by advertising and marketing in order to attract paying customers. It is an art but it is not ‘rocket science’ and you could learn easily. Some people learn best by just doing something.

If you were to join for example an affiliate marketing program, they would provide a web page so that you could potentially start earning while you are learning. They also usually have some level of training as far as promoting the program. This information would be applicable to ANY online business.

You can earn money by referrals to the business opportunity as well as by selling their products or services. It doesn’t have to be your life’s dream. It just has to help you get acclimated and get a little experience. There is no commitment beyond month-to-month and usually low monthly membership fees so you are free to stay or go.

In the near future you will have gotten ‘your feet wet’ and feel some level of comfort. At some point you may have determined that you like the Internet marketing industry and are now able to better formulate your ideas and create a plan. At this point you can either expand your portfolio and join more affiliate programs, to give yourself more capacity to earn more money, or you can decide to take a fork in the road.

There are other similar business models to affiliate marketing such as being an ‘independent distributor’ and selling tangible products. This should not mean you need to buy an inventory and you should run from a company that requires you to make a monthly purchase in order to be a distributor. There are lots of very famous companies that you can hook up with free that will provide help for you to get started. You can arrange ‘drop-shipping’ straight from their warehouse to your customer.

Those are just two simple suggestions that are highly doable by today. You will of course have your own ideas when the time comes for you to take action to start a home business!

It’s working!!


SFI’s Official News Blog

It’s working!!

A special memo from SFI Founder Gery Carson

screenshot_1050Our new focus on duplication is working!  And with the help of powerful, new resources likeMilestone Shares, Designated Diamonds, Fast-Track Extensions, and more, we’re seeing a lot of exciting new activity bubbling up.  Very exciting!

For example, through just the new Designated Diamond program, over 1200 affiliates already have committed to becoming Diamond Team Leaders within in the next five years!  That means…

  • 6,000 new PTLs
  • 24,000 new GTLs
  • 72,000 new STLs
  • 144,000 new BTLs

In total, that’s a whopping 247,200 Team Leaders soon to be roaming the halls of SFI Nation.  And there will, of course, be many, many more affiliates committing to become Diamond Team Leaders as we move forward.

And no doubt, many of these coming new Team Leaders–and all the growth that will come with it–will be in YOUR downline…or are in your downline or and/or are your CSAs…right now!

That’s not all.  With a third of the month of February in the books…

  • Sales are UP!
  • Revenues are UP!
  • New Standing Orders are UP!
  • Advancements to EA are UP!

Yes, it’s clear that the seeds we planted recently are already sprouting…and the harvest over the next five years could be off the charts!  And that’s something no sane SFI affiliate is going to want to miss!

We’re also receiving a large number of very positive testimonials from many Team Leaders who are now seeing the kind of activity in their groups that leads to BIG commission checks.

TripleClicks Executive Pool rising!

You may have also noticed that share values for the TripleClicks Executive Pool for January enjoyed a substantial increase.  Because of this, new EAs in January earned a larger commission check than new EAs have seen in many, many months.  Yes, your new EAs are now making more, right out of the chute, which will, of course, incentivize more of your new EAs to continue to be active and go on to become EA2s and Team Leaders.

For existing Team Leaders, this larger share value means that your Matching VP is also worth a lot more income.  Indeed, because of larger share values, some of our Team Leaders that dropped in rank in January earned a larger check this month than they did with a higher Team Leader rank previously!

Clearly, our focus on duplication is WORKING, and it’s worth getting excited about!

Business is a contact sport

Of course, we’ve also encountered plenty of folks who don’t like changes and who have convinced themselves that the sky is falling.  Sadly, this becomes a toxic, self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you believe the world’s against you, it will be, and you can kiss the success you’re seeking goodbye.

The fact is, business is a contact sport, and being an entrepreneur with your own business takes a LOT of courage and self-determination.  But giving in to self-doubt–without even giving new changes a chance–is a recipe for killing your business.  Please don’t kill your business! You’ve worked too hard to do that to yourself.

Clearly, some truly powerful new seeds have been planted, but we must always remember that planting and harvesting are never in the same season.  New shoots are just now beginning to emerge from the soil (as evidenced by the great statistics I cited earlier)…and I fully expect the harvest over the coming months and years to be quite bountiful indeed. You just need to look beyond today and take in the big picture.

So if you’re one of those that have convinced yourself that change is bad, I urge you to keep an open mind and not become a cautionary tale who “abandoned their mine an inch from striking gold.”

The courage to challenge people

Might you be taking a step backwards in the short-term?  Sure. I’ve personally had to take a step backwards many, many times in my three+ decades in business, but I’ve done so knowing that,sometimes, to move ahead, you have to take a temporary step backwards.  

Climbing a mountain is like this.  Mountain climbers will be the first to tell you that ascending a mountain is very rarely an unbroken line of upward movements.  Yes, sometimes a mountain climber must make a lateral or downward move to position themselves for the next ascent.  Your business is no different.  Don’t let a temporarily step backwards get to you.  Shout out, “Onward and upward!” and keep on moving!  THAT is what those who become highly successful in business do.  And always remember that failure is the path of least persistence.

In closing…

On January 1st I asked you if you were ready to BUILD SOMETHING GREAT (please review that very important message HERE).  Right now, we’re seeing lots and lots and lots of new foundations being formed.  Foundations that will support incredible growth in the coming months.  Foundations that will generate amazing incomes for those building them.  So…onward and upward…because we’re building something great!

Gery Carson
SFI President & Founder

Introducing…CSA Rewards!


SFI’s Official News Blog

Introducing…CSA Rewards!


We are very excited today to debut a major, new SFI program.  Effective immediately, all affiliates can now earn 10, 20, 30 or more new, income-boosting CSAs every month!

Here’s how it works:

Everyone is familiar with our program that awards 2 CSAs each month for going EA.  The new CSA Rewards program takes that same concept and drastically expands it so that you can now earn CSAs for dozens of actions!

One of the easiest ways to score a plentiful load of new CSAs every month is by setting up a qualifying Standing Order.  You’ll now receive…

  • 10 CSAs each month (120/year) with a min. 1500 VP Standing Order -OR-
  • 12 CSAs each month (144/year) with a min. 2000 VP Standing Order -OR-
  • 20 CSAs each month (240/year) with a min. 3000 VP Standing Order

If you already have a minimum 1500 VP Standing Order now, you’ll automatically begin receiving these new CSAs.  Feel free, however, to increase your Standing Order so that you may receive more CSAs each month.

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