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Archive | February 17, 2016

Create Your Own Affiliate Marketing Directory

It seems like many successful affiliate marketers have a kind of ‘portfolio’ of companies that they have promoted. In all likelihood they have multiple income opportunities that they are presently participating in. If they have their own membership program then they probably encourage their members to try the various opportunities they are having success with.

affiliate income  index

This would all seem very complicated and tedious after a while to keep track of it all. To whatever degree preferred they can create a website that includes everything that they have to offer in a directory format. One of the good things about affiliate marketing is that each program provides a web page that can be used to advertise it without doing anything else. It wouldn’t be that difficult to put all the links on one website.

The main beauty of this so far is that you can advertise one website with multiple opportunities. Not only does that keep you from duplicating your efforts to promote each program, but your prospects may just become attracted to additional offerings while on your site. You may therefore make additional sales from one visit.

One thing that Internet marketers seem to have in common is that they love shopping for new opportunities. They are very enthused and excited when they discover something new and are not afraid to put their resources behind it to find out if it has any substance. At the end of the day, while every program may not be the favorite, highest earning opportunity, if it has value that someone else may appreciate, then it would be a good addition to the directory.

It would be important to keep the directory website organized and easy for people to navigate. This can be accomplished by a simple site map and/or index that may list the opportunities in different ways. For example the list is indexed by company name on one list and by product or service (description) in another. This is to increase the chances that someone will find what they are looking for on either the first or subsequent visits.

This scenario also lends itself well to other kinds of related ‘one-stop-shops’ where people can find related resources all in one place. For example since we are looking to attract Internet marketers, you could create another website that has all the marketing and advertising programs you may have found and had good luck with over the years. If you become an affiliate of those programs, you could have a link from the affiliate business opportunity directory to the resource directory and vice versa.

The bottom line is making shopping convenient and keeping people on your site because there is no need for them to jump all over the place to find what they need. This will increase your chance both for sales and customer loyalty because they will appreciate the environment.

TCurrency Merchants wanted for growing demand!


SFI’s Official News Blog

TCurrency Merchants wanted for growing demand!

PrintWhat if you could simply plug an in-demand digital product into an online store and earn a profit?

No, it’s NOT too good to be true–it’s “TCurrency“…and it’s a vital part of our expanding TripleClicks program called “LocalPay.”

And as an approved TCurrency Merchant, YOU could soon be earning profits for your growing business while providing a much needed service to customers worldwide!

More on that in a moment…first, a little background:

Since the beginning of the 21st Century, online commerce has grown to become a MAJOR economic force around the world. All indicators suggest this market will only continue to expand in the coming years. Even so, there are still significant barriers faced by millions of potential customers wishing to purchase products over the Internet. In many countries, for example, traditional online payments methods like credit cards and PayPal are not feasible or are sometimes prohibited. Also, many people are uncomfortable using payment methods like credit cards online.

LocalPayLogo2And that’s where our LocalPay program comes in. We’ve designed LocalPay specifically to address those payment “roadblocks.” One aspect of that program is called “TCurrency.” Using TCurrency, customers outside of the US and Canada can buy anything at TripleClicks and earn MRP exactly the same as if they paid by cash, check, credit card, PayPal, etc.

TCurrency can ONLY be purchased from merchants with a TCurrency license. And as an entrepreneur with vision, YOU could be one of a growing number of TCurrency licensees to provide a potentially highly lucrative solution sought by customers around the world wanting to FULLY participate in all that TripleClicks offers.

Any legitimate seller or business can be a TCurrency Merchant. First, though, you must become a TripleClicks ECA (E-Commerce Associate). Applying is free and takes only a few business days to complete. Go here to apply now:

Once your business has been vetted and approved as a TripleClicks ECA, obtaining a TCurrency license is quick, easy, and affordable (only $35/year). Your custom ECA TConnect Website will then be outfitted with a special panel allowing customers to order TCurrency of various amounts from you. What’s more, YOU get to choose the price you sell your TCurrency for–up to 15% over the face value of the TCurrency.

As an example, let’s say a customer purchases $50 in TCurrency from you. You’ve chose to sell it at a rate of 10% over face value. Hence, your customer pays you a total of $55 ($50 face value + $5–which is 10% of $50). You’ve now just earned a profit basically by exchanging one form of currency for another! NO extra products to stock, no new inventory to track, no shipping hassles…how easy was that?!


Here’s a simple breakdown of how a TCurrency transaction will work:

1. Customer goes to your custom ECA TConnect Website.

2. Customer orders a given amount of TCurrency, proceeds to checkout, and chooses the LocalPay payment option.

3. We send you an e-mail with the complete order information. You can also choose to receive an order alert via text message on your cell phone. We also send the customer an e-mail with their complete order information, including your name and full contact information.

4. You contact the customer to arrange payment for the order. You may take any form of payment you are comfortable with.

5. Once you receive payment, mark the order as completed at your ECA Center. Our system will  immediately add the TCurrency to your customer’s TripleClicks member account and issue you an e-mail confirmation. The customer will then be able to redeem their TCurrency on ANY product or service of their choosing at TripleClicks.


Happy woman with laptopRemember: The world is going more global all the time. Thousands of current and future companies will need local fulfillment/payment/delivery services, too. By being a member of our growing network and establishing a track record now, you can position yourself as a trusted TripleClicks ECA to attract future clients and create an even larger profit-driven opportunity for yourself.

Get started NOW. Apply for ECA status at:

For more information about the ECA program in general, including FAQs, see:

Introducing…Product Collections!

Introducing…Product Collections!

We’ve just added a powerful new sales tool at TripleClicks.  We call itCOLLECTIONS.

With this new tool, affiliates can create unlimited, unique themed collections of products to promote.  Here’s how to get started:

  1. Open the details page of any product at TripleClicks.
  2. Click on the SFI Toolbox button.
  3. Click on “Add to collection” link.
  4. When you create a new collection, you’ll be asked to choose a name for it.  Note: Your customers will see this name, so make it a good one and make sure you check your spelling, grammar, etc.  You can also add, if you want, a description of your collection–this will also be seen by your customers.  Here are some examples of good collection names:
    • Mother’s Day Gifts
    • Fresh ideas for Spring
    • Get Healthy in 2016!
    • My Favorite Books
    • For Motorcycle Lovers
    • Cool Cell Phone Accessories
    • Ladies Hats
    • Great Gardening Tools
  5. The item you chose to start the new collection is automatically added.  Now, add more products to your collection by clicking the blue “Pick Items” button. This will take you to a handy screen where you can search and choose other products you want to add to this collection. Tip: Use the special search box and enter appropriate keywords and a department name to narrow your search to produce the best suggestions.  Check the “Add To Collection” checkbox for any item you wish to add.
  6. Click the “DONE” button at the bottom of the screen when you’re done adding products.
  7. You’re now viewing your new collection page.  It should display all the products you’ve chosen for this collection.  On this page you can reorder how you want your products displayed by using the “Shuffle” link or by clicking the small star icons.  Or click the pencil icon to edit your collection name, collection description, or to add your own personal comments to any product.  To delete an item from your collection, click the small “X” icon.  Tip: To see how your collection will look to customers, click the “View As Buyer” link in the top right corner.  Click it again to return to the affiliate view.


You can create as many collections as you like…for whatever you want to promote…or for whatever audience (or even person) you want to target!  The possibilities are endless.

Note: Once you’ve created a collection, it’s super easy to add to it any time you want.  Just repeat the above steps #1 through #3, and then choose your desired collection from the collections menu to add a product to it.

When you have your collection completed with all the products you want in it, just grab the the affiliate link (the special, shortened URL displayed at the top of the collection page under the Share icon) and start sharing/promoting!

You can use the affiliate link in emails, on social media, in blogs, etc.  And when your prospects click on your link, they’ll see your Collections name and all the products you’ve chosen–ready for purchase.  And, of course, the affiliate link is associated with your SFI ID number so that you’ll earn the big 45% CV Direct Commissions on all sales you generate.

Collections is also for ECAs!

The new Collections tool is also a powerful new resource for ECAs.  As an ECA, you can now create groups of products to promote like, “Stylish Home Decor” or “Fall Fashion Collection” or “New for 2016.”

Once a collection is created, it’s automatically displayed in a new section on your ECA TConnect page, and customers viewing your collection can easily add items to their cart to buy!

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