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Archive | January 6, 2017

How to Make Money Before You Have Products to Sell

If you’ve decided that you want to work from home with your own business, you may need to have a form of steady income while you finish creating products and developing your business infrastructure. The good news is there are a number of ways in which you can bring in some extra income while you get your business off the ground.

How to Make Money Before You Have Products to Sell

  • Provide a Service – If you plan to make your own products and sell them, you likely have skills that other people will want to use. Try finding out if anyone needs the types of service you could offer. Perhaps you’re good at graphic design, database management, transcription, or something else entirely. Put it out there and people may buy your time. A couple places you could start listing your services for hire are popular freelance sites such as Fiverr and Upwork.
  • Get a Part-Time Job – If you can’t wait for services to take off, you can get a part-time job. Sign up to be a substitute teacher or a temp at an agency, or head over to your nearest fast food place and you’re likely to be hired on the spot.
  • Get a Work-at-Home Job – There are many legitimate work-from-home jobs that you can get pretty quickly if you have experience, education and skills. Look for call center work, and you could be bringing in extra money within the month.
  • Sell Items on eBay – Have too much stuff in your house? Try selling some of it on eBay. You can also buy from stores on sale, and then sell for a higher price on eBay. Believe it or not, everyone isn’t able to get to the same sales you can.
  • Sell Items on Amazon – This is the same idea as eBay, but you may not be aware that you can sell your old books and pretty much any items that Amazon sells, right from your home office. You can even ship some qualifying items to their fulfillment service and then sit back and collect checks as Amazon does the heavy lifting for you. Look up “Fulfillment by Amazon” to learn more.
  • Have a Yard Sale – One of the fastest and most reliable methods of bringing in some cash is the old-fashioned yard or garage sale. Or go virtual and use services like Craigslist or VarageSale to sell your unwanted household items to local buyers.
  • Sell Your Body – Seriously, you can sell your blood, plasma, breast milk, sperm, and hair to appropriate locations. Sometimes it’s not very quick, such as with sperm and breast milk which require a lot of tests, but with blood and plasma you can walk right in, answer a few questions, give and get paid on the spot. With hair, you may have to locate a hair broker, or try selling it on eBay.
  • Babysit or Dog Sit – One of the fastest ways to make a buck is to babysit or dog sit, but make sure you do it in their house or you’ll have to worry about licensure. Tell everyone you know that you would like to babysit or provide animal care (or both). Truly caring caregivers are in high demand and if you choose this path, you’ll find many opportunities to earn extra income this way.
  • Return Stuff You Don’t Use – Have you made recent purchases and the tags are still on them? Do you have the receipts? Typically you can take those items back for a full refund. If you’re not using them right now, why not take them back. Most of us have far more stuff than we need anyway. Even online purchases from Amazon are easy to return for a full or partial refund.
  • Rent Out a Room – Do you have an extra room or two in your home that you could rent out? If you do, extra money is just a few clicks away. Use services like Airbnb (The Unique Alternative to Hotels) to list your property and start attracting renters today. Or go old school and list your room in the classified section of the newspaper. Either way, if you’ve got some extra space, you can turn it into cash!
  • Join a Medical Experiment – Human trials and studies are often conducted right in your area at your local hospital. You can usually find out which studies are being done with a quick search on the net. You’ll be paid for your time, and get free healthcare for the associated issue.
  • Join an Affiliate Program – Affiliate programs give you the opportunity to join free or for a small fee and sell other company’s products for a commission. Some affiliate programs pay 40% or higher in commissions simply for sharing their products with others, and many people have been able to turn online affiliate marketing into their full-time income. In fact, take a look around my website today and you’ll find some of the top affiliate programs that I’m using to make money from right now.
  • Never lose hope or let a lack of money in the present moment keep you from moving forward in your life or business. There are always ways to get cash when you need it while you get your business off the ground. It simply requires you to stay positive and look for opportunities. Then be decisive and take steady action toward your goals.

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Part Time from Home

Everyone is after more work-life balance. Some jobs are better than others at allowing at least some work-life integration possibilities, but some business owners are slow to catch on. If you have a job that would make it simple to work part time from home, then you’re in a good position to try to convince your boss to let you work part time from home by following these steps.

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Part Time from Home

Figure Out the Logistics First

Before even approaching your boss about the idea of working from home, you’ll need to figure out whether it’s possible. What tools do you need at home that you have at the office to make it work? Are you willing to come out of pocket and set this up for yourself, or are you going to ask your boss to foot the bill?

Provide a Well Thought-Out Plan of Action

If you can demonstrate exactly how everything will work, including showing up at meetings on time, then you’re half way there. Create a report for your boss showing how you’ll do each area of your job while you’re at home so they can visualize the potential.

Provide Supportive Research

Include supportive research that shows people who work from home at least part of the time are more productive, instead of less productive. Be ready to prove this by increasing your productivity when you’re given the opportunity to change your work location.

Develop a System

Set systems in place well in advance so that you know they work. Test them out before approaching your boss so that you know they will work 100 percent. Ensure that you won’t have dead spots in your house when you answer your phone, or that household sounds like the TV don’t interfere with calls.

Provide Assurances about Required Meetings

If meetings are planned in advance there should be no issues about you getting to meetings on time. But, if your place of business often has last-minute meetings, that could be a problem. You could set up technology to help with this, but it will require help from others. Alternatively, if you live close to the location of your job, you can state that you can be at any meeting within an hour if they’re important.

Call in Sick

This one’s a little sneaky, but can be very effective… Prime your boss before approaching them by calling in sick but working from home while you’re sick. Just state that you don’t want to make others sick, but you’ll get your normal work done from home. You can actually wait until you’re really sick to try this so that you won’t get into trouble for lying, although being productive when you’re truly sick may be a challenge.

Ask for a Trial Run

Once you present the idea to your boss, ask for a trial run. Say that you’ll work two days a week from home such as Thursday and Friday, which are usually low meeting days anyway. Then if you get the permission, do a great job with the opportunity you’re given.

Over Deliver

Be prepared to up your game if you do get the go ahead to work from home. Make sure you find ways to connect with your boss, and show them what you’re doing so that you won’t be seen as someone who’s not even needed. Yes, there’s a risk to not being in the office… It’s one step closer to being an actual business owner. Deliver more results once you’re home, and your boss will be pleased and probably give you even more freedom.

Working from home does come with unique rewards and challenges, so be prepared to work out some kinks and perfect your systems as you go. Many bosses are keen on having some of their employees work from home these days, so why not you?

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