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Outsource Article Writing for Your Website

One of the most effective marketing strategies for a successful home-based business website is producing quality content in the form of articles. You might think of this as blogging… Even though blogging can be a great way to build your online reputation and authority, you may not always have time needed to write the articles your site needs.

Outsource Writing for Your Home Business

Although you can say that no one knows your business’ needs or product line better than you, you might be surprised that some writers are pretty good at producing just the content you need, at an affordable price too. Besides, running a business is always a time-consuming endeavor and the more ways you find to outsource important tasks, the faster and more easily you will be able to grow your business.

So you know you need to outsource… The main question is how you will find great writers in a sea of available ghostwriters online? Yes, there are many of them. Article ghostwriting is a full-time profession for many people, and you can easily find them online once you start doing some research.

When you want specific writing styles and article slants, one way to find articles for your site is to use Google to search for the type of content you are looking for and then find the different authors who are publishing these articles directly. In fact, there are many article directories online that even include rating systems for the quality of articles, along with easy ways to get in touch with the authors of those articles.

If you contact the authors of the articles you like, you can also ask if they are available to take on the article writing jobs for you, or possibly write guest posts for your website. And so the negotiation begins… Truth is, it’s a win-win. After all, their published online articles enhance their own reputation and brand awareness so there are many people out there who will be eager to write articles for your website.

Another very effective way to find writers for your projects is to post your jobs or look up writers directly on freelance sites such as Upwork. If you go there and post a job for the type of writing you want done, you will get many proposals from available ghostwriters, and you may find exactly what you are looking for. Using services like this, you will be able to see the reputation of the writers who are proposing to fulfill your writing needs, and you will have many options for people to start working with.

Finding writers to outsource your article writing needs is not impossible; it just takes setting a clear intention of what you want and then doing the research and due diligence needed to find the best writers for your needs. Once you find qualified writers and start working with them regularly to help you product quality content for your website and content marketing campaigns, you’ll have more time to devote to other important tasks in growing your online home business, or maybe just for relaxing and enjoying the fruit of your home-based business success! That’s why you got started in the first place, right?!

Balance Home Business and Family Life

When you’re a work-at-home Mom, you won’t get far unless you keep a firm line between your business and what your family and kids demand from you. Kids tend to take up much of your personal and professional time. You could, of course, wait for them to mature a bit, so they’d need you less, but that could take years. It’s better to apply a few strategies that work for managing your home-run business and your kids.

Balance Home Business and Family Life

Use a separate phone for your business. When you already have a phone in the house, why get another line for your business, right? This seemingly cost-saving tactic backfires: sometimes a family member takes a call from a client and discloses a somewhat different arrangement from what was agreed upon earlier. What’s worse is that time when you resent your kids for taking up so much time on the phone when you clearly need it. Unless your kids become aware of your business motives and maturely accept them, you’d do better to get another phone line.

Hire someone to watch your kids. When your income is strong enough to get a babysitter, it’s usually best to do so. With someone else managing the kids, the mental space and emotional energy freed up can be dedicated to growing your business.

Have a ‘semi-isolated’ place at home you can call your office. This could be a corner in your kitchen, or a separate small room you can lock yourself in to. Having a place where you can post notes and plan and work keeps you focused; it tells your psyche that when you’re there, the business is all there is. So it’s best to train your kids to handle their chores on their own, so you get more time in your office space. Also, they’ll have to get used to not disturbing you during your office ‘hours’, which are generally more flexible for the home business owner.

Take short naps. One good thing about working at home is exactly that. When you get tired or unfocused, you can take a nap to get recharged. When you train your kids to take short naps, you can take a nap with them knowing that there’s little else to worry about but getting a little rest. In fact, many business owners come up with some of their best ideas either during or just after an afternoon nap. Rest well, and get inspired!

Let your kids see you work. One way to teach them to give you ‘room’ for your business is to let them see you work. This could get bothersome at first, especially when your kids are young and want your attention. Over time, they could get used to doing their homework in a corner in your office. The more they hear you talk to clients over the phone, the more clues they get about your having time to work. Soon they’ll learn to keep to themselves when you’re on the phone with clients or busy typing away on an important email or web project.

Meet your clients outside the house. Few things are more common these days than having a meeting at a local cofee shop to discuss business. The advantage of this is two-fold: you won’t get disturbed by domestic worries, and your client sees you as a responsible worker (one who doesn’t insist on juggling his concerns with your family life). Plus, leaving the home for a little while is a great refresher and another way to recharge!

There are many life-liberating advantages to working from home for you and your family, but be sure to follow some of these guidelines if you want to keep your sanity, and have the good fortune of long-term success in your home business.

4 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Business

Many people think that working from home is a stress-less experience. After all, when you’re working from home you don’t have to deal with office politics, annoying bosses and coworkers… Plus, there’s no stressful commute to work or having to adhere to a dictated schedule. It’s no wonder people dream about working from home some day. ?

4 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Business

The truth is, it doesn’t matter where you work… You are going to experience stress. Stress is not the lone experience of office professionals. Everyone experiences stress as a result of many factors in their lives and business.

The good news is that stress can be very useful. It can act as a motivator or alert us to something that really does require our attention. But too much stress reduces your body’s ability to fight disease, it wears you out, and it can affect your judgment in a negative way. Therefore, finding reliable ways to reduce your stress are very important to the long-term success of your business.

Get organized. It’s about having a system you can rely on so you won’t have to stress about every problem that comes your way. Develop a decision-making procedure to handle your affairs, whether it be in shipping inquiries, handling dealers, answering customer questions, etc. You can of course improve your systems over time, but what’s important is that you implement a system that gives you some control and order.

Exercise. People who work out often report that they feel happier than those who do not. Increased heart-rate and metabolism, better digestion, and an all around feeling of lightness all work together to keep you in a lighter mood. The more you stay at your desk in front of your computer and see problems, the more you might get depressed. Sweat a little. Run. Go to the gym. Staying away from your work doesn’t mean abandoning it, as people who work out also tend to come up with new solutions to their work problems simply because they had time to think about the problem while being removed from it.

Listen to music. People who listen to music deal with stress by losing themselves in the music or by letting the music influence their moods instead of just thinking and worrying about your business challenges. Some people even have various playlists for different kinds of work they have to do. Think of it as a playlist for doing chores in the home. Create one for doing accounting, responding to customers and so on… Some listen to classical music because it helps them think.

Practice Meditation. While computers have a memory cache, people’s brains have limited capacities to actually remember and worry about every single little thing. While computers can erase their cache and get a fresh start, don’t forget that people can as well. Sleep is one way to refresh the mind, but modern meditation techniques allow a person to get the equivalent rest and recovery of several hours of sleep in 30 minutes or less. Learn to meditate, and practice regularly.

Also remember that the goal of working is to earn money to finance the other half of your life: living. Whether you work inside or outside of the home, developing reliable ways to de-stress your life and business will lead to greater productivity and personal satisfaction.

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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