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Do You Already Know It All? Starting a New Home Business

They say the only people who can’t learn anything are the ones who thinks they already know everything. Since knowing it all, they believe don’t need to pay attention. This probably fits in to a few different categories psychologically. There may be an ‘authoritarian’ complex or just plain ignorance (not that they won’t get it, but that they won’t try).

keep an open mindset

Disdain for authority may originate from having been ‘forced’ to obey and that we must believe what we are taught whether or not we agreed. It is natural for people to resist force. In the extreme, we are not to question authority. We must accept what we are told and believe what they dictate. If not there are often consequences.

It may be a trust issue as well. They may join an expert Internet marketer or ‘guru’ to get as much information as they can from him, but at the same time ignore his recommendations. What is the point? They are sometimes more willing to follow their amateur peers for techniques. There may be an element of jealousy here. Who knows?

It is a fact though that if you are learning something new or being in a new environment, that you should associate with those that are more successful than you are. This is so you can learn from them first-hand; their mindset and theories, not just their techniques. This makes sense. We can really note the things about the person’s personality that may help identify why they are a success amid so many that fail. (although the main reason for failure is quitting too soon).

For those who distrust authority, many times they assume the person who has had success has had the breaks they never had. This could be higher education or financial assistance to get started; or that they are already rich and can afford to spend money on a business. Actually that may be easier for them to believe because that gives them an excuse to fail if they don’t want to follow the directions.

In reality those that succeed are just people who have paid attention. They are not afraid to work and they know how to ‘walk in faith’. No matter what the obstacle, they believe that they CAN DO whatever it is. This seems to give them the motivation to ‘Just Do It’.

There is nothing to be ashamed of to admit you are new to the Internet, or have never had your own business before. You will need some time to find out what you need to do and how to do it. if you will find some good training in Internet marketing (likely free from an affiliate program, or etc.), and you will at least pay attention to the instructions and give it a try, you have a chance as much as anyone to be the next ‘star’.

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