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First-Hand Experience is Best – Or Borrow Some

It can be very difficult especially for newbies to articulate something positive about a program or product, because they have not yet had time to experience it fully and to form an opinion. While it is always best if you have your own experience so that you can honestly give your review or describe the various benefits of the product or program, it need not keep you from being able to communicate positively about whatever you are promoting.

tell it like it is

It is one of those endless loop dilemmas where someone might say you can’t do this because you have no experience. But then how do you get the experience? Well, there is a logical answer, here, really! There are no doubt countless reviews, testimonials and other documentation that you can ethically quote until you actually get your own experience.

This is not ‘fake it until you make it’. You are not faking anything – you can be perfectly honest that you are new but that everything you have read while doing your due diligence and since you have become part of the program speaks volumes about the value of the program/product/service. You can even use direct quotes from the principals although you probably should be very careful about giving credits or acknowledgements – you know quote marks and then the person’s name, title, etc. This will protect you from appearing to tell a ‘fib’ as well as copyright infringement.

Most affiliate programs expect you to use whatever they share with you to promote the program and they will even provide ‘swipe’ files, etc along with graphics and images. However whenever you are not sure, it is not that hard to contact support to ask for example ‘Does Joe care if I use his ‘Get it Yesterday’ document on my web site or in my emails?’ Then of course respect whatever they tell you.

With all that said, it is the best situation if you can give a first-hand account of how something works, the features and performance, etc. There is so much to be said for using the programs and products that you are trying to sell. It says more than you know it works, and/or know how it works and can explain. It says you believe in it so much you use it yourself. This is a lot stronger than selling something that you are really not sure of and just parroting all the sales jargon. While everybody might not know the difference, you will and it will show in how much you can emphasize that which you really believe.,


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