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How May I Promote The Products of my Executive Co. Sponsored Affiliate & Earn Commissions


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When you like a particular ECA the first thing you need to do is get yourself connected with them and then visit their T Connect Page and see for yourself the range of products offered by them, Products features, their prices, delivery time, etc.

Equipping yourself with all relevant information, take their URL that contains your SFI ID. (Every product has a separate URL).

You have the choice to promote all their products together or individually using the appropriate URL.

Decide if you want to promote it locally (with your Country/Region/Area) or around the Globe or any country in particular. This is important since if you decide to promote the products in a particular country through Web Ads. you have a choice to fix “Country of Geography for ad”.

Once decided, start propagating them through all your known sources like:

1. Word of mouth;
2. Flyers;
3. News Paper Inserts;
4. Ads. in Local Press;
5. Ads. through Radio;
6. Ads through Hand Bills to be served in places like Beach, Church, Malls, etc that attract
huge gatherings;
7. SMS through local Mobile Service Providers;
8. Through Social Media like Face Book Groups;
9. Posting in Twitter, etc;
10. Promotion through Bidvertiser, etc;
11. PTC/ PPC sites;
12. Google – Adwords;
13. Become member of more and more Social Groups & introduce the ECA at the appropriate time;

In short, try and exploit all forms of advertisement channels to promote your Favorite ECA. Its only through such aggressive ads. that you will be able to promote their products. Keep repeating this process regularly. Keep a close watch on the campaigns by providing unique key codes to track the ads. As and when necessary keep changing the ads.

By indulging in these kind of advertising and promotional activities, you will be able to cover a large audience. With this, you can be confident that you have done your best and remain hopeful for the best.


Extensive promotion is required if you want to promote the products of your favorite ECA. If the response is good, many will buy the products and you can earn a good income. That can give you confidence to work on your promotional activities more. If the initial response is not up to the mark, do not feel discouraged. Study and make appropriate remedial actions in your Ad.Campaigns & you will succeed. Patience and Perseverance are vital factors to win!!


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