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I Am On A Permanent Awesome High ~ I Have Qualified As S.F.I. “Silver Team Leader”

Greetings, friends.
May I take this opportunity to personally welcome you to a wonderful new Month of September with our Amazing  S.F.I. community.
I want to share this with all my Team & fellow members.

When I joined up with S.F.I. almost 15 months ago, I never thought I would be where I am today.

I had faith in our wonderful community & especially  our Awesome & Amazing founder Gery Carson.

On  day one I have to say I was totally overwhelmed with this new business venture.

My fascination with all my Sponsor & Co. Sponsors shiny & colorful  badges, enthralled me.

What can they all mean? I pondered.Finally I have found a legitimate business I can invest in & sink my teeth into.

Soon I got my first Executive Affiliate badge, Wow!

I grasped the Opportunity to invest in The Amazing “Gold Fast Track”
opportunity package deal  with both hands.
Wow! this was far too good a price to pass up. & came with A shiny gold badge & a lapel badge to proudly display to all my friends & family..

Even at this early stage, the numbers 1, & 3, were to be very significant during  my time here with S.F.I.

I joined on Friday  13th June 2014, one month later I became Executive affiliate on July 13th July.

Bronze Team Leader came next.

I failed to hold on to my Bronze Team Leader Status. Undaunted & with relentless persuit of my goal, all the time growing my business,reading & rereading everything in my training,studying Questions & Answers in ASK on the Red Tabs, reading & completing 10 ASK Questions & adding & reading 20 more questions to qualify for an extra entry in “The Daily Grand” contest daily.

Building T.Credits by doing T. Time entry on the hour, every hour & playing games, & bidding on auctions, collecting valuable Action Versa Points, I regained Bronze team Leader, soon after my faith was restored & I had an amazing hard working  new Affiliate who became Executive Affiliate & then Qualified as Bronze Team Leader.

One year on : On 13th June 2015 I qualified as number I in my class qualifying as 365 Champion.

I am proud to be No 1 in my Wonderful Country of Ireland.

On 31st August 2015, those 2 numbers 1 & 3, were to be very significant in my life here with our Awesome  S.F.I. community.

My prayers & dreams  were answered & I am now Silver Team Leader.Wow ! I have been on a permanent high since this amazing change in my Team Leader Status.

I am aiming high & dreaming big, my next goal this month, is to help all my down line  realize their dreams, by helping them any way I can, through offering them advice, or solving any problems.

I am available 24/7 every day on S.F.I. Chat messenger & at my
Email address:
Blessings always.
Kindest regards,

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