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Sauna Slimming Belt Waist Wrap Shaper Burn Fat Cellulite Belly Lose Weight — €3.51 (Save 60%!)
100% Brand New and High Quality
Using the perspiration method to shape up body to get the desired body curve and waist line.
Can be used with essential oil, weight lost cream, spa salt, massaging cream, etc.
Super-elastic material, can be arbitrarily adjust the tightness, allowing you to quickly focus on sweating, regain waist…
Digital LCD Step Counter Run Walk Walking Pedometer Distance Calorie Monitor— €3.51 (Save 80%!)
100% New Walk Calculator
Fasion design. Light weight. Fair quality. Fair price.
Caculate how many step you walk.
With LCD screen(no LED light,you can not read in night). Easy to read
Easy to use. Simple press the reset button. All date will be reset.
Power by 1.5V cell button battery.It can work about 6-9 months .
With a clip on it….
1 PC Personal Body Fat Caliper Tester Fitness Keep Health— €2.63 (Save 85%!)
100% brand new and high quality
Material: high quality ABS
Measures your own body fat easily and accurately
Small and convenient to carry around, so you can use it anywhere
Doctors, personal trainers, and nutritionists recommend the periodic measurement of body fat for maintaining health status
Measurement Range: 0 to 70mmSpecification:…
★★★☆☆Abdominal Ventra Breathing Exerciser Trainer Slimming Waist Face Fitness Loss Weight — €3.51 (Save 80%!)
Reduce breathlessness and increase lung capacity by strength-training your respiratory muscles
Power up your lungs with a daily workout from the comfort of your armchair
Simply use it for about five minutes a day(equal to 30 times’ breathing)
Small and compact, you can take it anywhere
It can be used by almost anyone with no side effects
Cool Burn Cellulite Loss Weight Sauna SPA Slimming Belt Waist Leg Thigh Wrap— €2.63 (Save 85%!)
100% brand new and high quality
Very elastic, good stickiness to hold onto body
Use on waist to make it sweat, hence fats break down
Shape your leg, very easy to use
Can be used with weight lost cream, spa salt, massaging cream etc to massage
Easily worn or removed
Reusable and washable
Size: About 100cm x 10cm
Material: PVCPackage…
2PCS Slim Patch, Weight loss, Navel stick — €2.63 (Save 70%!)
The magnetic field of magnetic nanoparticles
Nano magnetic nano magnetic patch to allow some blood cells play a role of magnetic release
Containing active nano magnets, release 4 to 14 micron magnetic waves, magnetic wavelength is using technology from the natural air condensation, can clear the acupoint of the human body, and acupuncture on…
100pcs Slim Patch Weight Loss Efficacy Strong Slimming Patches For Diet Weight Lose — €26.39 (Save 40%!)
PACKAGE INCLUDE: 10bag(10 patches / bag)
so you will received 10packs
ITEM: 100patches New Weight Loss Slim Patches
This weight loss slim item is multifunctional for losing weight and face beauty. Just pay for a little and get slim shape!
One patch a day. Stick it on your body before you go to bed, and remove it…

Magnet lose weight new technology healthy slim loss toe ring sticker silicon foot massage— €2.63 (Save 70%!)
Package : simple package, no color box
1 lot = 1 pair = 2 pcsWhy choose us:
1. we use stronger magnent, more powerful, more safe, more efficient. each one can use 4 weeks.
2. we use better ring material, medical paddy silicone, more confortable, can use longer.
3. less time needed. only need to ware 8 weeks, you will see the change.
1Pair Weight loss products Slimming Beautiful Legs shoes Weight Loss shoes Health care— €7.91 (Save 55%!)
100% new brand and high quality
Soft and comfortable for daily use
Color: Pink
Size: Free sizePackage:
1Pair Slimming Shoes
Weight Loss Products Hot Chilli Slimming Gel Slimming Cream Anti Cellulite Fat Burning 85ml— €11.00 (Save 37%!)
1,Spreads in the body can be relatively rough the hypertrophy of fat part (wrist, arm, abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs) from under to top approach massage.
2,After 15 minutes, the Heat have a sense, can not be reused too much, because of different skin has different feeling hot, too hot, if you can use alcohol-based products can reduce…

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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