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New Fast-Track Extensions program!

New Fast-Track Extensions program

h-fasttrackWe are very excited today to announce a new program for firing up your team!

Here’s how it works:

In your Genealogy, on the OTHER tab, there is now a new Fast-Track column.  For all eligible PSAs (i.e. those not already Fast-Track Gold or in the current standard Fast-Track window), you can now extend to them a special 72-hour window to become a Fast-Track member (or upgrade from Silver to Gold) by simply clicking the “Extend FT” link located in the new Fast-Track column.

>>> Get fully up to speed on the Fast-Track program HERE.

Upon issuing a Fast-Track extension, your PSA will receive a special email from SFI alerting them to your generous offer, what they need to do to go Fast-Track, and the deadline for acting.

Once they’ve taken the necessary action (e.g. a $20 purchase/sale or setting up a 1500 VP Standing Order within the 72-hour window), they’re in!  They will immediately receive the prestigious Fast-Track badge; 250 Bonus VersaPoints, Fast-Track Member Certificate (suitable for framing); and 30 free entries in the Daily Grand drawing.

The beautiful Fast-Track lapel pin will also be earmarked for them.  They’ll also immediately have the $40 or $100 Signing Bonus added to their account!

And the biggest benefit of all…they’ll now be eligible every month for the 10% Bonus Shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool  (this alone is potentially worth hundreds of extra dollars in commissions every year).

One more thing: Anyone who goes Fast-Track Gold will immediately earn EA2 status for themselves!


  1. Each extension you issue costs you one TCredit.
  2. Fast-Track extensions can be issued to a PSA one-time ONLY.

Tip: Before issuing an extension, we recommend that you first contact your PSA to gauge interest.  Sending extensions to those who are not interested or not active is just going to waste your TCredits.  The much better idea is a preliminary message from you, letting your PSAs know that you’d like to pay for an extension so they can become Fast-Track members.  Tell them that all they have to do is let you know, when they’re ready, that they’d like to become a Fast-Track member, and you’ll issue the special extension for them right away.  Once you get their “yes,” all you have to do is go to your Genealogy and click the link and it’s happening.

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