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Set up a Blogging Web Site Free

For first time bloggers, a free blogging web site is a great way to get started quickly and easily. Popular blogging websites like blogger ( allow users to set up and host a blog without paying any fees at all. There are limited options but it is not the bells and whistles that will give you the true value of using your blog. Your content will though.

get your blog on!

Being fast, easy and free should encourage people to start blogging, and that is all that really counts. So many opportunities are lost because people believe they do not have the skills necessary or they are not ‘technical’. Blogging platforms like Blogger do not require any particular expertise other than being capable of following the directions on a menu to set it up and then super easy to just dig in and start submitting blog posts.

Then there are those that are just sure they can’t write anything. Yet they know how to talk and they do quite well at communicating via emails, etc. Not sure what the motive or sub-conscious need is to proclaim that something can’t be done without even trying it or giving it a chance. But that’s ok because there are alternative options once you get the blogger account set up. If writing is really your problem – and it may be that you just really don’t have time – so maybe it is an acceptable excuse.

In that case you can buy articles or pay someone to write articles for you. There is a wide range of costs for these services. Of course you always have to decide whether you have more time or more money. If you have more time then you learn how to do things for yourself – like write short articles to post on your blog. If you have more money then you don’t mind paying a little money to save you some time.

By signing up with a free blogging platform like you may find it easier to get listed in search engines than you would starting from scratch with a more sophisticated software platform such as One reason for this is that Google owns and runs and they crawl and index their own pages more often than other websites.

Nonetheless, as you become more mature as an Internet marketer, and if your blog attracts a large following, you may want to consider moving your site away from the free blogging site which may be considered amateurish (and really is). Having your own domain and a more sophisticated blogging platform can help you and your business to be more professional in many ways.

Blogging really is a very important tool in the Internet Marketing tool bag. The fact that it is free or nearly free and just not that difficult to set up and use, makes it all the more important to marketers at all levels of expertise.


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