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How to Create Your Vision for Your Work At Home Business Online

Visualization of our goals can’t stop at imagination. We have to take action — that is w-o-r-k to make it happen. It’s only reality that for the average person, there is no such thing as wealth without work.

visualize reality

Daydreaming is fun, but it can be counter-productive. When we are not realistic or we have not defined achievable goals, we can quickly have our hopes dashed. Of course it is good to ‘aim high’ and ‘dream big’, but if we set such lofty goals that they may be impossible to achieve at this juncture, this can become discouraging. This is magnified exponentially if the person really thinks he can earn money instantly, by magic or osmosis, and what a crashing disappointment when they find out that they probably won’t.

For someone who has never started a business before, like most budding online home business entrepreneurs, there may be lots of false starts. Until we get real and create a real plan with reasonable expectations, we are just wasting time and resources – ‘spinning our wheels’.

Remember that the ‘key to success is to stay in the game’. Will there even be a slim chance of victory if we give up and quit too soon? No, we are done at least for now. However, if we can just keep trying, even in the face of not seeing any tangible results over an extended period, there is still a chance things will start improving as we grow along. You never know what is right around the corner because you can’t see that far. If we quit too soon without giving ourselves and the program a fair chance, we will never know what we might have achieved.

However, not everybody is cut out to be in this environment – and it will serve us well if we can seriously admit that we cannot relate to this and do not want to do this — and then move on. If we can only function where there is structure – and require that when we take action we see immediate results, then maybe this may indicate we need a job instead of our own business. There is no shame in this. Just like not everybody can ice skate – or even wants to. What we all have in common either way is we need more money.

If you need something where you do XYZ with the promise of $X, then get a job, or a second job. However if you want to see how far you can go (where $X becomes $XXX) then you may have to ‘step out on a limb’ for a while – you have to take a risk that your time and effort will result in a greater reward than you can expect within the structure of having a job with guaranteed pay.

However, if we want our own business bad enough that we are willing to endure almost anything within reason to achieve it, then we will eventually find a way to do just that. While it is important to take action while we are inspired, it is equally relevant to be realistic both about what we need to do and what we can logically expect to achieve. If we can build on that, we will have the foundation for a successful home business.

Starting an Online Home Business – Planning is Key to Staying Focused

Planning is necessary because it is organized. If you you have never ‘multi-tasked’ – that is doing more than one important thing at a time, then it will help you if you can write down a plan of action.

have a plan!

You may have for example 10 steps that you need to do to accomplish one thing. Perhaps you can’t do all 10 at once, so you do as much as you have time to do, or have the necessary resources to complete. You can put it aside and go on to do something else that is pressing and make a note to remind yourself that you have not completed this item or that it is pending something that you are waiting for and when you can expect it.

In any case if you can organize a plan and make your plan like a ‘to do’ list, it will help you to stay on track. If you have a day planner or a good calendar with lots of space for each day, this will help you. Actually to spare the expense of buying a day planner, you could just take some plain paper and make yourself a calendar of sorts, ideally having a whole page for each day.

The way some planners work you would have space to put a list of things you want to do and then a lot of space below or beside it to make comments and keep track of what you did do and what still needs to be done. If you make these a week at a time you can then for example take something that you started Monday and make a note on Friday to check up on the status of this task.

If you are not organized as a rule, this activity will help you to become organized. Usually when you are starting anything new there are lots of different details – some purely informational and some that are tasks you need to do that are associated. It is good to have it all in one place so if you are making the planner yourself, you could get a few file folders to keep things in.

When starting an online business, you will have lots of different link addresses and associated usernames and passwords. Keeping these organized will save you lots of confusion, failed login attempts, tickets to helpdesks, and most importantly, time. If you start right out from the beginning by organizing your emails and etc into online folders that are labeled by company name; and keeping up your system every time you get something you need to save, it will be a lot easier to find things, especially 6 months from now.

Planning is the key to staying organized. If you are not organized, you can forget things, lose things and generally lose control of what you are doing. Many people starting to work from home also have ‘day jobs’ and so their time online to work on their business may be sporadic – for example a few hours a night, a few times a week, on weekends, or etc. This makes it particularly challenging to stay on top of everything.

Lists, calendars and logs (notes) really can help you not to waste any time or effort and prevent you from forgetting to do something that is important. It may seem like you are making more work for yourself by keeping your plan up-to-date, but it is necessary, at least until you get everything up and running.

How to Turn Your Hobby or Vocation Into a Profitable Business Online

Did you ever hear that people do best what they like to do the most? It is really true, and it probably has to do with doing something that makes you happy, as well as the gratification from doing something well. Certainly in creating and developing an online home business this is your chance to have it all!


Working from home online in itself will tend to make you happy, particularly if you have had a long and not so satisfying career working at ‘jobs’. There is something to be said for doing something because you want to rather than that you have to, that surely contributes to the overall feeling of well-being.

When starting out to plan your business, you may not really even know what it is you could do to earn money online. We will explore some possibilities at least so that you can have a few examples and you can ‘shrink to fit’ or whatever to make it work for you. A few different hobbies could be developed into good businesses.

For example say you like to play golf – You could start a blog just discussing golf – tournaments, scores of the latest matches, biographical information about the golf pros. As a service and as a way to attract traffic to your blog, you could even post schedules of local, state and/or national matches and tournaments. Are you saying, swell, fun – but how would that make any money?

To monetize the site you could look into becoming a distributor of golf equipment and supplies – golf clubs, bags, shoes, hats, accessories, etc. You wouldn’t have to buy the inventory if you found wholesalers who would more than likely be willing to drop-ship for you – so you name your price, factoring in your profit of course, and create an online order form – or use a trusted, secure payment option like a free account with where they also have the payment buttons and graphics you can use.

Actually for this scenario an even simpler way would be to become a free affiliate and then you could advertise their golf equipment etc. and they would pay your commissions – Again Amazon is trusted and secure so it is not like just anybody saying send me the money and I promise to send you the clubs, or etc. You could apply this idea to any sport – baseball, tennis, soccer, fishing, etc.

Not into sports? How about crafts? Like baking? If you have a recipe that people rave about for example for brownies or chocolate chip cookies or candy, you could start making them as you get orders. This is a little more involved because you have to consider packing and shipping it and having it ideally arrive in one piece! You could create gift baskets for holiday gifts that include for example a batch of your cookies, a nice festive coffee mug and a bag of gourmet coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Then you just create a blog website and take pictures of your baked goods and the baskets all done up, include a ‘buy now’ button and order form.

There are various ways to promote/advertise your site online so that when people search for ‘gifts’ or ‘home made baked goods’ they will find your link. Again, a blog lends itself to this scenario really well – you could publish various recipes (except you probably don’t want to publish the ones you will use for your service) – you could have interesting discussions about challenges to baking and some remedies, etc., and tips on entertaining for the holidays, etc. There are loads of things people would love that you could probably make – jams and jellies, breads, cakes, and maybe you could expand into these areas slowly after you see how it goes with the original idea.

Again – if you don’t like to bake or cook, you could apply these same principles to anything – stained glass gifts, candle making, soap making – and sell baskets with little sets of things. Whatever you decide, make it fun, make it profitable and most of all share your blessings (talents) with others! An extra perk for them is they can shop online from the comfort of home – no traffic jams, parking problems or mob scenes at the mall and/or post office! Enjoy!

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