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Making Money Online – Keep an Open-Mind

Probably the most valuable resource we can have in this life is an open-mind. It is not even to say we have to be positive or believe in the Easter Bunny. However an open-mind is just unencumbered and liberated, and therefore anything is possible (within reason) – although probably not the Easter Bunny – sorry.

open up!

A good analogy of an open-mind is an open door – you can get through it and you can move forward – you can make progress by learning and taking action with what you learn. However if the door is closed we can’t get beyond it and may never know what is on the other side. Many people, when it comes to trying to start a business making money online seem to be divided. They must believe it is possible or they wouldn’t even try. Yet they shoot themselves in the foot if things don’t go like they planned.

By this it is meant that what they planned is likely not logical, such as that they will become instantly wealthy without any effort. Just as bad is making a little effort but quickly becoming disenchanted when they find that doing it half-way will not work. So they become skeptical and discouraged and they lose any little spot of motivation they may have had. The problem is that they had preconceived notions and no matter what they are just going to stick to those, becoming more and more cynical because reality just isn’t like whatever they imagined.

There just is no way to make money without a substantial investment of your effort to learn the right way to do things and then to actually do them – not once or twice or for 2-weeks but over time – the way a real business is developed. Things are so much faster, less expensive and far-reaching online but that doesn’t connote instantaneous results. So there is a difference between ‘magical thinking’ and keeping an open-mind.

People are and have been making money online for decades now. They are not necessarily people who had money or higher education. But they had to have an open-mind and a spirit that is hungry to learn all they can. While it is true some of the things that are said make it sound easier and faster than it really is, you need to be logical. Read between the lines. Online business is fast and easy when compared to starting a brick and mortar (offline) business. It is fast and easy to get started in a business online vs. for example renting an office space or store, paying all the expenses for a lease and insurance, inventory, taxes and etc.

Let’s put it this way – you too can make money online if you put your mind to it and you keep learning and progressing over time. There is admittedly an art to remaining open to an idea when you don’t see any tangible results. However if you just remind yourself to be open-minded yet logical, you will use the energy you may be using to feel discouraged, to build your business!

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