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What is your Motivation to Start Working From Home?

There are many things that may be the primary and/or secondary reason to start a home business. People may only need extra money to supplement what they earn from their job, or even their social security/retirement income. Money just doesn’t stretch the way it did before, and the costs just to survive are increasing all the time. If you are locked into a ‘fixed income’ – whether by your job or by your benefits, you notice they are not being increased, if at all or not sufficiently to keep up with the cost of living. So a part-time home business would be a perfect way to take control of your own life and earn more money.

make more money!

Or you may really be interested in becoming ‘self-employed’ – and there can be many reasons for this desire as well. You could be disenchanted by your career and realize that given the current economic situation in general, that you can only look forward to meager annual raises in your salary. You may realize that you are not likely to be promoted and that your current position is about as far ‘up’ as you can go in your company for various and sundry reasons. Going through all the same motions every day, going to the same job, taking the same route, expecting the same thing, “same story, different day” may have you actually feeling depressed.

Worse, you have seen a decline in the revenue over a long period of time and you wonder how your employer will deal with that. Or worse still they are actually stating that they will be cutting back on staff or ‘restructuring’, but you just don’t know what areas and if it will hit your department or position directly. If they haven’t warned about this – and they often don’t, one thing to look out for is when the managers and supervisors start leaving or transferring out. It may seem like a coincidence at first, and may even seem like they got ‘promoted’. Companies do not want to scare people as this will affect their bottom line as far as productivity and morale, and these are reasons why they probably won’t give you any warning.

Remember that they view it as positions, not people. While as humans they may have sympathy and empathy about taking someone’s job away suddenly, their job is to run the company (and appease their stock holders with dividends) and that is really their only consideration. Positions, not people. It may seem cut-throat but that is the reality. Business is in business to make money, not lose money or help out their staff.

If they are a half-way decent company they will at least give you pay in lieu of notice if you are suddenly faced with an undeserved ‘pink slip’. In any case, since in this case you have not done anything to get fired, and you did not quit willingly, you will likely qualify for unemployment insurance effective the day you receive your “notice”. States have their own laws and regulations so be sure to find out ahead of time what your situation would be. In addition a decent company will pay you for your vacation time or if they are really broke let you take your accrued vacation days before your termination date.

This all leads up to the possibility that you might want to start working from home in your spare time only to save some money. Wouldn’t it, given the situation described above, be great to know you have saved a few thousand dollars that you can use to live on until you are able to find a way to replace your income from your former salary?

Internet Marketing – Fantasy vs. Reality

Part of the problem when people quit trying too soon is their motivation for starting up. It is a problem that instead of
just a normal idea to start a home business, people are largely influenced by ‘pie in the sky’ Internet marketing stories; and whether true or hype, they don’t understand that there is no ‘free lunch’.

fantasy vs reality

People are primed and ready to fantasize themselves as the next millionaire. This is what plants the seed of unrealistic
expectations. They are being set up to experience a big disappointment when they find there is no magic to this. They have a way of being in denial about any need to actually work or invest time or money to build a business as reality usually dictates.

People want to see results yesterday and they want to be fabulously wealthy without any effort, rather than just to logically and methodically begin to build and develop business to promote their growth. They are in a big rush and think they are being logical and wise by quitting if they don’t see a generous profit within 30 days tops.

This is so foolish and wasteful. The whole premise is wrong to begin with so it stands to reason the results will not be what are expected. There is a saying that we should be ‘divorced from the fruits of our actions’. In the context of starting an Internet marketing business it would mean that you should not expect to be fabulously wealthy, but to learn, work and build and then the fruits will come eventually.

There are lots of ‘gurus’ that preach ‘visualization’ and how this will help you to achieve your goals. No matter if you need to do that to stay motivated or not, unless you take consistent action, all the visualization in the world is not going to do anything for you. In fact it is more or less the same as fantasizing which will likely only disappoint unless you do the work and put in the time and effort. After all, this is only reality.

This is not to say you shouldn’t have a ‘dream’, it is just saying keep it real. Understand that nobody gets something for nothing. The vast majority of those people who have success and wealth have worked hard for it over time. If you just understand that, then you can probably do anything you set your mind to (achieve your dream).

Again though, the key is that you must be willing to look at it logically to find out what you need to do, learn how to do it, and then do it and keep it up! It is important to believe that you CAN do what you set out to do if you really give it an honest effort and don’t give up – ever. Even if you have to tear it down, take a break and then regroup to start over, never give up!

While Making Money Can Be a Hobby, It Isn’t a Game

If you work at a demanding full-time job and have a gnarly commute to boot, you probably are not real enthused about spending more time working to start a home business so you can be making money on the side. However this is the very thing you should be doing. It may help to look at it as a hobby – one that you are interested in and find to be a fun project that you look forward to.

@ super business man

The motivation doesn’t even have to be making money – you can imagine not having that grizzly commute and just working from home someday, kicked back with your feet up, enjoying the journey as much as the thought of the eventual destination. The point is this could be critical someday, so find a reason to love it and pour whatever is left of yourself by the time you get home into it.

We can never know what is around the corner. Whether it is going to be something that helps or something that hinders. Therefore we need to be prepared, and making the most money now, while you still can, is a wise decision. There is a whole laundry list of possible disasters of varying magnitudes that could befall you and your family. If you had some money saved and/or an alternate way to support yourself well-established, landing on your feet would be a lot more sure.

So many things that we may have grown up being accustomed to are either gone or in a precarious state. You just never know what will happen to the company you are depending on to pay you a pension. Their investments can tank just like your own. There is no longer the concept of ‘too big to fall’. We have seen the biggest corporations fall to their knees and it can happen to individuals as well, as a result.

We saw what happened to millions of people in the last ‘recession’ where people lost their money on the stock market and even lost their homes that they worked all their lives to buy. We saw people who were reaching retirement age realize they had insufficient retirement funds and instead of planning a trip to Cabo they find themselves looking for part-time jobs for senior citizens. It’s just tragic. It’s heartbreaking to imagine looking forward all your life every day to something that is only a mirage, built with ‘funny money’.

What is the risk for you to invest your spare time in starting a home business to start making money so that you can feel a little more secure? For one thing, if nothing catastrophic happens where you need the money, you may be pleasantly surprised when you see you actually have enough money saved to buy something you really want but felt you couldn’t afford, like a new car or to take a vacation now while you still can.

The bottom line is it isn’t a game – if you are going to start a home business you need to take it seriously. Your home is a ‘kicked back’ environment, and lots more relaxed than the hostile corporate or retail work environment; however this could mean that you have to even more so be really determined and focused – absolutely committed, so that you will stay motivated to take care of business.

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