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You’ve Got it Going On If You Are Working At Home

Working at home is really almost like not working. When you compare, you would be surprised how much of the ‘stress’ in the environment at your job has absolutely nothing to do with the actual work you do. Depending on what the environment is/was like for you in your career, this will make sense to you to varying degrees.


Working at home allows you to appreciate your life because you are living in a relaxed atmosphere. Right from waking up in the morning, your life is more pleasant. You can get up whenever you wake up, not when you are forced to. If you think about this difference, right there you can see why your life is more relaxed and agreeable.

There is no more need to rush to get ready for work and then to battle traffic or public transportation. When you are working at home, you can just take your time, getting up and getting ready for your day to begin and you logon to the Internet. You are already there and ready to be productive with 100% of your energy as you are not already exhausted.

It is fine if you choose to work for a few hours and then to take a break to do something else, for example give your family some attention, do some exercise, or run errands to use the time productively even when you are on a break from work.

Having gotten some things off your agenda, you come back to your computer feeling good and ready to accomplish something more for your business. You may feel like working several hours to finish out your business tasks, or maybe you will keep working longer and just take a break for dinner or call it a day at that juncture.

The point is, when you are working from home you are in control of your time and can enjoy your life. It is still very important that you have the discipline to get your work done so that you will succeed with your business. Having a great time all the time does not mean you don’t need to do whatever is required to excel with your business. Remember it is what makes it all possible if it is.

You are in control. You can start out small and build up as you get more creative and productive in your home environment. You can develop your business plan and procedures for your own timeline and keep exceeding your own standards. You will pick up speed as you get used to your ‘routine’, and rather than to slack off at that point, the best bet is to keep adding more and more ways to earn more money.

Working at Home in Your Pajamas? Better Get Dressed

It used to be really ‘glamorized’ to have such a simple, easy lifestyle that you can just stay at home and work in your pajamas. In Internet marketing you saw many ads to that effect. However if you try it you will find it gets old real fast. Depressing even, especially if you had formerly enjoyed ‘dressing for success’ in your career.

dress for success

It will make you feel more business-like and it is easier to focus when you are in a business frame of mind, when you get up and get dressed to begin your day. Unless you use a web cam it is true nobody will know the difference – but you will.

There are many things you can do to stay ‘psyched’ to get to work and focus on the tasks at hand. Taking a nice shower is stimulating and while you certainly don’t need a suit and tie to work from home, just some clean clothes will make you feel like you are ready to go!

The same thing can be said for your work area. No matter how repugnant organization may seem to you, it will help you to focus and think more clearly if your work space is clear, clean and organized as possible. At the very least get a box where you can push things off so that at least at eye level your immediate space, is conducive to ‘clear sailing’.

The most important things to keep organized are your login credentials and links so that you can always find them, (even if you save them online, you should have a paper trail in case you need to recover from a computer disaster); your tax records, including both your receipts for business deductions and your income or payment information.

Staying organized throughout the year will make it much simpler when it comes time to put your taxes together. This way it is less likely that you will miss anything that you will regret later, such as a deduction you could have taken; or income you missed reporting that may come back to haunt you if you are ever audited (a real possibility).

There are many things you can do to help yourself stay focused, such as making lists of what needs to be done and including any dependencies such as things that need to be done before you can do something else. It works best to have a few different lists, at least one for the short term and one for the long term goals. It is fairly important to keep your list neat and organized as you can so that it helps you rather than hinders you.

Working at home you can still ‘get away with’ working your own hours (as long as you do the work the needs to be done); putting your feet up on your desk, watching TV out of the corner of your eye, listening to music, taking naps, breaks, etc., so no need to wear PJ’s or bag lady outfits. Start styling at home!

Scheduling and Time Management When Working at Home

In order to benefit from scheduling your time, you first must determine how much time you will commit to spend on your business each day. Although your business should be a priority, you need to be realistic. Factor in time spent commuting, working at a job and family obligations. Don’t forget to schedule some time to relax and/or get some fresh air and exercise. The remainder is time you have for your business.

use time wisely

If all you have left is 2-hours each weekday and 4-hours on the weekend, that is still 14-hours where you can be very productive if you also plan how you will spend your time. Some tasks that are typical of an online home-based business might include monitoring your traffic and sales statistics, checking on marketing campaigns and implementing advertising transactions, posting to your blog and social networks and forums.

Then there is checking your email inbox. This can be a major time-waster and it is recommended that you strictly limit your time because otherwise you will waste time you could be using to promote your business. You can organize this if it is overwhelming and you will see how it can be manageable if you keep it ‘down to a dull roar’.

Your first priority would be messages from your customers and technical issues. All the messages from your affiliate programs you should just scan and then file off into folders in your email account – so that you don’t lose them. Offers would include a lot of spam typically and if it is not from a company you know you have opted in to, either put them in your spam folder or file those in a folder of their own.

It can’t be emphasized enough what a huge energy rip off your email can become if you do not get over the ‘next shiny object’ syndrome sooner rather than later. You need to focus on the opportunities that you have already chosen to work with and need to really just nip it in the bud if you can’t resist yet one more ‘last chance’ or ‘latest and greatest best opportunity’. Shuffle them right off without reading them unless you are actually business opportunity shopping – no matter how great they sound.

No program is going to work unless you work at it. If you have too many things on your plate you will not be able to give sufficient energy to each one but will end up doing them all ‘half-way’. In this regard it is helpful to really make a detailed list for what you need to do with each program. Where are you at with the process? Do they provide training? You may need to shuffle some things around to be able to avail yourself to special events like webinars, to watch a video or attend a coaching session.

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